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Cosmetic Surgery Mumbai, Plastic Surgery Mumbai, Laser Treatment Mumbai
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  • Being in this profession,always demands to look good, Dr.Patankar has helped me to restructure my figure & made my skin flawless.
    - A movie star.

  • I was always conscious about my appearance & hitting gyms after a tiresome day is simply no no!!! I ‘m thankful to Dr. Suyash for giving me a toned body…that too, without exercising! It’s been three years & still no flab!!!
    - A famous TV Star.

  • Hectic schedules & crazy timings take toll of face & body ,resulting a dull looks  & dark circles. But now my treatment at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre. I got my glowing look back.
    - Shakeena, Mumbai.
  • A nose shaping helped me to get a job at the top airlines in Mumbai.
    - Ragini, Delhi

  • Got my surgery done during my stay in Mumbai for Gyneacomastia. I am back in my office with renewed confidence.
    - Ravi, Oman

  • After the delivery of my first child, my tummy sagged and I missed wearing my favourite outfit i.e. jeans. Tummy tuck surgery at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre brought that happiness back.
    - Reena (Office Executive)

  • It was during my holidays in India tour and got my waisteline back. Thanks Dr.
    - Lusy, Australia.

  • My experience with the treatment undertaken was very positive; I had undergone the treatment of stem cell for increasing density of my hair.
    Positive results are clearly observed, I was also fully explained all types of treatment possible after initial analyzing.
    - Jatin Rai.

  • My experience about the treatment has been awesome. My self confidence had hit a low coz of the shape of my chest. I felt very uncomfortable in public and was very conscious about going topless in swimming pools etc. I had developed backache problems due to the hunch which automatically surfaced in order to hide my chest shape.
    But now I feel extremely confident because of the surgery at Dr. Suyesh Patanker's clinic. Thanks you doctor! I have joined my swimming classes again.
    - Aniruddha.

  • Thank you
    For helping me get rid of my so called 'Birth Mark'
    I am extremely thankful to you,
    You inspired me to become a cosmetic surgeon,
    Thank you, Suyash uncle!
    Suyesh uncle,
    Who helped me get rid of the deremaid sgst, which had caused me trouble in the past, as my friends used to tease me by calling me Mr cyst.
    I am really grateful to him.
    - Varad.

  • My mom always said, such a pretty face, only if the nose was right. She had actually given up hope until friends of hers told her about Dr. Patanker. Changing my nose shape has given me a complete new juvenile look. I am told I look very nice, my smile seems better, just look fresh, without even noticing. This change in me.the best part is : the surgery as well as the recovery was so fast, that I hardly felt anything. I am very thankful to doctor uncle for such a pleasant and wonderful experience..
    - Harsha.

  • Due to wrong diet ,my wife started gaining weight at the same time,she had a severe back pain attack She recovered from, that but could not reduce has weight as she could not follow the exercise pattern, But thanks to dr. Patankar Suyash, with his advice to carry Lyposuction surgery, not only she reduced the unwanted fats and also got considerable relief from back pain.
    - Mr. Khan

  • I had started my treatment for fat reduction of my abdomen on 14.4.11 Dr Patankar had suggested for Laser Lipolysis treatment of 10 sifting. This treatment has reduced my weight from 76.2 kg to 66.2 kg. I feel very comfortable and fresh. I did this treatment to reduce the weight on my knees as I have knee (both) problem . The doctor is pleasant and knowledgeable. I am very happy now.
    - Mr. Chaudhary.

  • Operation on white patches carried out in the year of the 1995 and the results are Excellent. Later on Laser Treatment Took for De-pigmentation Purpose That Results are also satisfactory.
    - Mr. Katkar.

  • I had liposuction (Laser)on my outer Thighs, inner thighs & waist. There was a big change in my Personality. Now I can comfortably were western clothes also. It has boosted up my confidence level. Overall I had a good experience with Saundarya clinic.
    - Suhma.

  • I was very much conscious about my small breast size and Breast augmentation made me feel very confident. Grateful to you.
    - Rashmi.

  • Mrs. Patel, 60 years, had abdominoplasty operated by Dr. Suyash Patankar.
    The decision to choose a doctor is very important when faced with a surgery options at the age of 60.
    But we were very impressed by Dr. Patankar who provided us with confidence that we lacked.
    He and his entire staff was so sweet through out the procedure that it has seemed as easy thing to do, even in case of such a serious surgery.
    As Mrs. Patel will have to return to Borsad, he has promised to keep in touch for consultation via phone and email. That itself is such comforting thing in post-operative period.
    We are very much thankful to Dr. Suyash Patankar. .
    - Mr. Patel.

  • Hi,
    My name is Ms. Vrushali, Age 30yrs & still single, I got introduced to Dr. Suyash Patankar with the help o my parents in the month of Oct 10. After a lot of discussion and gights we mutually agreed upon to visit the clinic by end of the month. I met Dr. Suyash and understood the term called "Liposuction" What it is and how it is treated? Got all the inputs from him.
    After a prolong thought process, I and my family decided to get me operated in the month of Dec'10. The date was decided upon as 4th Dec'10. The after effects of the operations are wonderful. I lost about 6 kgs in just 15days and still loosing. The feeling is good and I gained my confidence back.
    Isincerely suggest & advice all the patients/ my fellow friends to follow all the instructions given by the doctor strictly. It will definitely help you not only to recover better but will also help you become a confident human being/ an individual. I am sure each one of you will smile once you leave the clinic premises.
    Thank you. .
    - Ms. Vrushali.

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