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  Penis Widening  
  A commonly employed technique to increase the circumference ( width ) of penis is fat injections.

This is done under local anesthesia as an out patient treatment. Fat is collected in a syringe from some other body area like abdomen / inner thighs and then injected under the skin in penis.

Since we are injecting patient’s own fat cells, it is very safe. Although most of the injected fat stays permanently, some of it can get absorbed over a period.

Another technique for penis widening utilizes the insertion of Alloderm dermal-matrix grafts placed beneath the skin of the penis shaft. Alloderm is derived from donor human skin which is processed to remove all the cells, leaving only the dermal-matrix. Alloderm was approved by the FDA in 1992 and has enjoyed widespread use in a variety of surgical procedures including burn surgery, nasal septum reconstruction, lip augmentation, abdominal wall reconstruction and breast reconstruction.

Because Alloderm is inserted as sheets, it results in a smoother, natural result compared to fat which is injected and therefore can result in unevenness or nodularity. In addition, the consistency of Alloderm is similar to that of the penis.

The Alloderm is inserted through the same horizontal pubic incision that is used with penis lengthening. These two procedures are often performed together. In some cases, a second smaller incision is made just behind the glans penis. 2-3 layers of Alloderm are wrapped around the penis shaft beneath the skin and secured in place with absorbable sutures. The Alloderm normally attaches to the penis within 4-6 weeks. Typical gain in girth is 25-35% in circumference.



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