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  Mommy Makeover  

Being a mother is the most important and rewarding job in the world! Nevertheless, your body goes through many changes during pregnancy- fat depositions, weight gain, change in size and sagging of breasts, stretch marks and changes in body tone.

Even with diet and exercise, some women find deflated breasts, stretch marks, bulges and loose skin that leave them feeling less sexy and fit. 

Mommy makeovers remove excess fat, sagging skin, re-shape and tone body areas impacted by pregnancy: vaginal, abdominal, breast, hip and buttock areas.

The mommy makeover includes one or more of the following :

  • Body lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Butt lift
  • Lapiaplasty
  • Lip body contouring
  • Super - selective LASER Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck, mini-tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Mommy Makeovers After Pregnancy

  Just check doctor's instructions!
Your doctor will ask you to stop drinking alcohol or using tobacco for several weeks before and after the surgery. This will ensure healthy healing. You will be asked to temporarily stop taking certain medications, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; these increase the risks of bleeding. Certain homeopathic and herbal supplements might also be restricted.

Mommy Makeover Procedures …

Super-selective LASER Liposuction
Nearly all mommy makeovers require liposuction. For the vaginal rejuvenation portion, liposuction can also be used if a woman feels there is excess fat in the mons pubis (the hairy area above the vagina). The techniques, equipment and instruments vary depending on the area of the body.

Your mommy makeover surgeon will describe in detail the technique he or she will use, if liposuction is to be part of your surgery. Dr Patankar uses the latest technology ‘Super-selective LASER Liposuction’ ( Read more about ‘Super-selective LASER Liposuction’ )

Tummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty )
If the lower abdominal skin has become very loose and is sagging or if the abdominal muscles have stretched and thinned out during pregnancy, both the skin and muscles are tightened along with removal of abdominal fat.


Labiaplasty corrects the size, shape and/or appearance of the outer and inner "lips," or labia, which can become enlarged, irregular or uneven as a result of the trauma during childbirth. Read more about labiaplasty by clicking here.


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that makes the vagina itself smaller and tighter. It removes excess vaginal tissue, tightens the tissues and muscles that have loosened as a result of babies passing through the birth canal.

Breast reshaping

If the breasts size after delivery is too small, it can be increased with breast implants (Augmentation Mammoplasty). The very heavy and bulky breasts can be reduced with Super-selective Laser Liposuction or with Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery.

If the breasts have become very loose and started sagging, they can be lifted up with breast lift ( Mammopexy )

Mommy Makeover Recovery
Every surgery is different; therefore, every woman experiences her own healing and recovery process. Your recovery depends on how many procedures you had and what those procedures entailed.

Follow all pre- and post-surgical guidelines, exactly as the doctor ordered. You will be prescribed medications for about a week for early healing. 

Set up a comfortable environment for healing. Arrange your setting, so when you return home, you start the recovery process. Your surgeon will instruct you on how long you will need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise. 
You will be given instruction for changing dressings, wearing compression garments and bathing. The recovery period for vaginal rejuvenation surgery is typically shorter than other procedures; however, your down time will depend on all of the components of your mommy makeover.

You will see your surgeon within a week when he or she will check your healing and incision sites. You'll schedule subsequent follow-ups so your surgeon can follow the outcome of your mommy makeover over the following months.

Mommy Makeover Cost & Benefits
The costs vary, depending on how many procedures and the extent of each procedure that will be performed. 

What is the Risk Of Mommy Makeover Surgery? 

Any invasive procedure poses risks that are affected by anesthesia, the number of procedures and the patient's overall health. Prolonged and multiple surgeries can increase these risks.

Your pre-operative plan will help you optimize your outcomes. 

The new Mommy…
Most women are thrilled with the outcome and can take on new challenges in life with enhanced self esteem and confidence.
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Creating Your Mommy Makeover Surgery List
As the baby grows in the womb, and the cervix dilates, a woman's genital area is stretched and, in some cases, traumatized during pregnancy and delivery. Her vagina and genitalia are subjected to lose their elasticity, tightness and tone, just like other parts of her body.

Mommy Makeover Recovery
Mommy makeovers are targeted to the specific needs of each mom. One mother might want a tummy tuck and breast lift, while another mom may desire to have breast implants, liposuction and a body lift.
A benefit of including vaginal rejuvenation with a mommy makeover is that it is minimally invasive and requires little to no recovery period, so it can be a convenient addition to a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Mommy Makeovers After Pregnancy
A good candidate for a mommy makeover should be in good health, have no history of serious medical conditions, and a desire to improve stubborn areas that do not respond to normal diet and exercise. Wait to have your mommy makeover until you finish nursing your child. Let your surgeon know your medical conditions, all medications (prescribed and over-the-counter) and concerns at your initial consultation. Your surgeon will give you guidelines to follow before and after your makeover. Serious ailments and an unhealthy lifestyle can greatly impact the outcome of your mommy makeover surgery.


The first step to achieving the desired mommy makeover results is to create a list of the areas of your body that changed after pregnancy and what you dislike about those areas. 


Discuss your desired outcomes with your doctor. Your surgeon will help you create realistic expectations and develop a plan of action for your mommy makeover surgery and recovery. Most surgeons recommend waiting at least six months after having your last baby before scheduling any cosmetic operation. Your body needs time to heal after childbirth!


If your weight has gone up, your surgeon might suggest waiting until you have reached and maintained a healthy weight for a given periods of time.

Breastfeeding?... Wait!
Some women breastfeed their babies for more than a year after childbirth. Your surgeon will likely want to wait until you finish breastfeeding before a mommy makeover, especially if the surgery includes breast procedures.


If you have the procedure and then have more children, you risk separating or tearing the vaginal muscle and tissue that was tightened during a vaginal rejuvenation surgery.


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