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A keloid is a thick scar that is elevated above the surface of the skin. Keloids appears pink or reddish in persons with fair skin, while in persons with wheatish complexion, they usually take brownish color. Keloids are irregularly shaped and progresively enlarge. Unlike scars, keloids do not subside over time.
What are the symptoms and signs?
Keloids are raised and thick scars, ranging in color from pink to brown. Some keloids become quite large and unsightly. At times, a person may develop multiple keloids. Aside from causing potential cosmetic problems, they cab be itchy, tender, or even painful to the touch. They may develop cysts or abscesses underneath and get really painful.
What causes a keloid to form ?

Keloids may appear following varying degrees of skin injuries ranging from some vey minor injuries like acne (pimples), injection sites and body piercing sites to following surgeries and injuries. The body areas most commonly affected are chest, upper back, shoulders, and earlobes. They are commoner in a person with darker skin than one with a fair skin. Tendency to develop keloids can run in some families with more than one family member developing keloids.
Keloids and piercing
Keloids can develop following minor injuries that occur with body piercing. It is impossible to predict whether piercing will lead to keloid formation in a particular person. Hence, it makes sense for someone who has already formed one keloid to avoid any open surgery or body piercing, especially in body areas prone to scarring.
What are the treatments for keloids?
Till the advent of LASERs, the only treatments available were Steroid injections, Cryotherapy, Radiation and Silicone sheets. But these treatment had very unpredictable result, were quite painful and almost invariably, a keloid would start growing again within a few days to months.

Surgery was fraught with a risk of recurrence of keloid and quite often, the recurrence would be much larger and more painful. Hence surgery in the form of Intra-lesional excision is considered, only in select few patients with very large and extremely painful keloids or to drain pus from underlying abscess cavity.
The treatment of choice today is LASER..

LASER treatment takes just a couple of minutes and is done under local




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