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  Designer Vaginal Surgeries  

A woman's self-confidence is influenced by many factors, including an area that is not often discussed: her genitalia. If a woman feels inadequate compared to her perceived ideal, her self-confidence, especially in the bedroom, might be shaken. Aesthetic improvement to the appearance of the genital area is available with designer vaginal rejuvenation.
Designer vaginal rejuvenation comprises a set of procedures designed to improve the appearance and function of the female genitalia through cosmetic surgery. They include: 
· Labia minora reduction
· Labia majora enhancement
· Pubic fat liposuction
· Pubic lift
· Vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty)

The outer, hair-bearing lips are called the labia majora, and the inner, mostly hairless lips are called the labia minora.

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Designer vaginal rejuvenation can be a bit of a misnomer. Whereas the term "vaginal rejuvenation" typically describes surgeries that improve the function of the vagina, most surgeries billing themselves as "designer vaginal rejuvenation" actually target the vulva, not the vagina.

Technically speaking, the vagina is an internal organ. It is, therefore, completely hidden from sight. The visible part of a woman's genitals is called the vulva. The vulva includes the labia (or lips) and the clitoris.

Designer vaginal rejuvenations are aimed at improving the appearance of the vulva. A number of procedures can be combined as part of the cosmetic procedure. The most common is labiaplasty, in which the genital lips are altered. Clitoral unhooding, hymen restoration and other surgeries can be performed during a designer vaginal rejuvenation.
Designer vaginal rejuvenation is usually conducted as an outpatient procedure and requires little to no downtime. The procedures can be performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation or spinal anesthesia.


A woman might want to get designer vaginal rejuvenation for a number of reasons, including improvement in appearance and function. Childbirth, aging, hormonal changes and other causes affect the aesthetic appeal and sexual enjoyment, for example. Multiple normal childbirths can cause asymmetry as well as loss of tone. Sexual gratification might be affected by these conditions.

Some women are unhappy with the appearance of their vulva; it makes it difficult to wear fitted clothing or makes wearing undergarments uncomfortable. Some women feel that their labia are too large and protruding, and others feel that their genital lips aren't full enough. Others have uneven or asymmetrical vulva.
If the appearance of your genital area bothers you, know that you are not alone. Having it surgically corrected is a very personal issue and should be done for you, not for anyone else.

Common complaints that women have about their genital areas include :
-- Enlargement or asymmetry of the inner "lips" (labia minora)
-- Fat deposits and/or sagging at the hair-bearing area above the clitoris (mons pubis)
-- Loss of volume of the outer "lips" (labia majora)


For women who are determined to improve the appearance of their genitals, designer vaginal rejuvenation can let them redesign the appearances of their vulva. Uneven lips can be made even, protruding labia can be reduced, and thin or deflated lips can be augmented.

Sometimes there are valid medical reasons for a designer vaginal rejuvenation (although this does not guarantee that health insurance will cover the procedure. See our section on costs). 
The labia minora are extremely sensitive. In women where the outer lips are longer than the inner lips, the labia minora are protected from friction and chafing. However, women with elongated inner lips often experience discomfort because their inner lips are constantly exposed. This can cause discomfort during sex, during exercise and when wearing certain types of clothing.

A designer vaginal rejuvenation can reduce the size of the inner lips, making everyday life more comfortable and enjoyable.


The vulva contains a number of important and sensitive nerves, and it contains the clitoris, which many regard as the key to female sexual function. If surgery should go wrong, sexual sensation and function could be impaired, and the appearance of the vulva could be jeopardized. Surgical mistakes can cause an asymmetrical, unusual or unappealing appearance. 

This is why it is important to find a properly trained surgeon to perform this operation.


This depends on exactly what is being done. Obviously, the less you have done, the lower the cost, and vice versa. 


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