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  Curvature Correction  
Penis curvature is a very common condition that can be either congenital or acquired. It can occur anywhere along the penis shaft and can deviate in any direction. Congenital penis curvature can be downward (called congenital chordee) and is caused by scar tissue located on the undersurface of the penis or can be lateral (to the left or right) and is caused by a disparity in the lengths of the erectile bodies of the penis with the penis curving toward the shorter side.
Acquired penis curvature is caused by a condition called Peyronie's disease which results in a plaque of scar tissue forming on the outer lining of the erectile bodies. During erection, the scar tissue limits expansion of this portion of the penis causing indentation and curvature in that area.

Penis curvature, congenital or acquired, can often be corrected surgically. We have found the modified Nesbitt procedure to be a relatively simple and safe technique for penis straightening. This procedure is performed by the use of plicationsutures which are placed along the penis shaft on the side opposite to the curvature.

If necessary, we can perform penis lengthening procedure in conjunction with the curvature correction. In select cases, we can also perform penis widening with fillers or fat.



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